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Re: May 3rd.

Dear John!
 I think you will be a wonderful representive for all of us who are unable to attend. Enjoy your trip!!!I hope you have a good camera, so you can share some of your adventures when you return. Your mother, who was a Sinclair, like myself, would be proud!
P.S Don't forget your shrimps for the barby and your town hat with the dangely cork bits, will you? Do you realise there will be no shady gum tree's and defanitly no big boomers. You could always smuggle them under your dry as a bone coat. What ever you do, don't wear your shearer's singlet and thongs. I don't think they have the same fashion taste as us.
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Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2000 11:20 AM
Subject: May 3rd.

             For your information, six of my group of seven, are the proud bearers of Sinclair blood in their veins. Three of these also have Macintyre blood.
If I am the only 'member' of 'Clan Sinclair Australia' on the Tour, then I am automatically its representative, whether with or without 'official' sanction. However, all seven of us will be proudly representing the Australian Family of Sinclairs, and will, with open minds, greet fellow clanspeople with warmth and respect, worthy of our best Australian and Celtic traditions.