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Re: Update from Clan Sinclair Australia. May 2nd.


Surely they are clan members born and bred!  Never
imagined a card would be necessary or required. 
"Official" representation!  This is a family!  Whether
they su bsc ribe to a particular association or not is
an entirely different matter.  They are already
members of Clan Sinclair and they are coming from
Australia.  Therefore Clan Sinclair in Australia will
be represented.  What more do we need?  I'm a member
of Clan Sinclair, going to the 2000 from Ireland.  I
don't have a card.  Should I worry?


--- Margaret Stokes <milamba@optushome.com.au> wrote:
> Hi John,
> Thank you for reminding me that you're attending the
> gathering. I should 
> have said that no Clan Sinclair Officials would be
> there, and as such, 
> there will be no "official" representation.  By the
> way, will your family 
> members be joining Clan Sinclair Australia before
> they go?  If so, if you 
> could forward their subscriptions we can get their
> cards to them prior to 
> leaving for Scotland!
> Enjoy the trip and have a dram for those who can't
> make it!
> Margaret
> President
> Clan Sinclair Australia
> At 12:03 PM 1/05/00, you wrote:
> >Clan Sinclair Australia certainly will be
> represented on the Tour. I am 
> >still a financial member, and will be accompanied
> by six other family 
> >members representing Australia.
> >
> >John S. McIntyre.
> >

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