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Re: Clan Interconnections

My friends and fellow list members;
The older and more valued we become to one another, the more we appreciate just how important those values are that connect us to one another and the less we see the differences.  And those points of human interaction and connectivity are what generates the positive energies. It may be finding a blood cousin through a genealogical seach as I have done from this list. It may be from meeting my cousins and new friends at a clan association activity. It will not be forgotten just how many friendships were kindled at the last Association gathering in Canada from John Quarterman to having the honour to meet the Earl of Caithness and those wonderfuk Sinclairs living around the corner. Then I value the Argyll band of friendships who studiously glean into our past uncovering generations of decency, hard work and shared family values.
Then we value the friendships made sitting at the archives, writing to those cousins "down under" corresponding with the fine archeoligists, historians and explorers, and geographers. I thank them for their teachings and education of me so I can in turn educate those that follow.
It is those many many points of connection which unite us as individuals thriough a sharing of a common heritage. It lies to each of us, and to us all, to preserve all that 'is and came before' that was noble. If we can, each in our own way, focus on making a contribution to moving this heritage forward if we can, enhancing all that is noble with our lives so that we can in our turn pass it down to those that follow.
In humble respect to all,
Neil Sinclair