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Update from Clan Sinclair Australia


This is just to let everyone know what is happening down under.  Annie 
Geisler has, with great regret, resigned as Secretary due to personal 
difficulties.  I'd appreciate everyone sparing a thought or a prayer for 
Annie, as life has not been kind to her lately. John McIntyre has resigned 
as Treasurer.  Our new, and very helpful, efficient, and all round great 
Secretary/Treasurer is Lyn Clancy (nee Sinclair).  Lyn has picked up all 
the loose, dangly ends and pulled them together and is doing a great job, 
for which I am most thankful! :)  She is not, unfortunately, on the mailing 
list, but I will send her mailing details over to Rory and Mary and those 
who need it.

The other sad news is that I won't be able to be at the Gathering this 
year, so there will be no Clan Sinclair Australia representative.  More 
sadly, I won't get to meet all the people I've been so looking forward to 
meeting!  This is not by choice, but purely by financial circumstance 
alas.  So please, all of you attending, enjoy a dram for Clan Sinclair 
Australia.  And have one for me too.

Other news, Carmel Sinclair Nolan has taken on the job of Editor of 
Chanticleer, so there should be an issue out very soon.  Carmel has great 
talents and experience in this area, so I'm really looking forward to the 

Anyway, have a great day
Clan Sinclair Australia

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