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Fw: Bedford County, Virginia Birth Records 1853-1856

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Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 6:27 PM
Subject: Bedford County, Virginia Birth Records 1853-1856

>Hello List.
> I hope that this information will be of help to someone. In looking for
>my ST. CLAIR line  I copy All ST.CLAIR I can find
>The sources of this information below was taken from Bedford County,
>Virginia Birth Records 1853-1856 by Ann Chilton
>Good Luck
>Oct. 17 1853
>Parents: John P And Frances ST.CLAIR
>???? ST. CLAIR
>Oct. 24 1853   MAle
>Parents: Burwell C. And Sarah Frances ST. CLAIR
>Ruhanna A. ST. CLAIR
>June 25 1854
>Parents: Rober and Rhoda ST. CLAIR
>father was a Tanner
>Elizabeth Frances ST. CLAIR
>Oct. 7 1856
>Parents Samuel and Martha Ann ST.CLAIR
>Father was a Miller
>Joseph D ST. CLAIR
>Sept. 1856
>Parent Harry F. and Sarah J ST.CLAIR
>father  was a farmer
>Thomas L. ST.CLAIR
>Nov. 1856
>John D. and Margaret St. CLAIR
>Father was a farmer
>Drucilla ST. CLAIR
>May 1856
>Parents: Bird L and Emily ST.CLAIR
>father was a farmer
>Richard F. St. CLAIR
>Aug. 1856
>Parent Robert and Roda ST. CLAIR
>father was a farmer
>William F. ST.CLAIR
>March 1856
>John F. and Martha f. ST.CLAIR
>father was a farmer
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