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Dear Laura and Jack,

Chief and I were so sorry to hear about Stella's illness.  It is always 
difficult when
an animal falls sick because they can't explain what the problem is and we 
have to
rely on the skill of the veterinary surgeons to tell us - a skill for which 
they usually
charge more than a doctor would to administer to a sick person.

I can well imagine your distress.  My old dog, who had also been my 
faithful companion
for 13 years, died on a Saturday and, because I couldn't tolerate life 
without a four-legged
friend, I bought young "Chief" on the Sunday to help me to get over my 
grief which was the
best thing I could have done because a young pup needs constant attention.

Old "Chief" is buried in my guardian under a statue of a naked Greek 
warrior.  There is a
suitable plaque commemorating his life, his loyalty, his devotion, his 
courage and his

I hope Stella will overcome her present illness and that I will see her 
again when you
reach Orkney.  Incidentally, there has been quite a bit of Press coverage 
of your voyage
and I hope Kath Gourlay has been keeping you informed on this.

Your recent e-mail has been posted on the Sinclair Discussion List so there 
are a growing
number of people who are avidly following your progress.

Please keep us informed about Stella.  Although a dog, she adds a 'human' 
dimension to
your voyage and makes us love you all the more.


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