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Some Toronto Sinclairs

This is all from Mrs. Jane Sinclair Quarterman Comer's work.

I have extracted the portions which seem to contain the information about
the Sinclair relatives in Toronto. Hopefully this will help. If you
have questions, please ask.
				David Quarterman

These are children of Alexander Sinclair and Catherine Waters:

Catherine Sinclair was born at Thurso April 17, 1814. She went to Canada to
teach in a Female Semianry in Toronto and died there July 8, 1900. She
carried to Canada a recommendation written by Rev. Ross Taylor. Catherine
Campbell "Kate" Sinclair was never married. She was named for her grandmother.

Henrietta Gordon Sinclair was born in Thurso September 10, 1818. In the 1851
Census she was listed as a member of the household of Alexander Sinclair.
She must have left Thurso for Canada at about the time of her sister Jane's
death. She was called "Henri" and died in Toronto in 1886. She never married.

Elizabeth Ann Sinclair was born February 15, 1819 at Thurso. She went to
Canada with her sister, Catherine Sinclair to teach in a Female Seminary, at
Toronto. She died 20 May 1902 in Toronto. She married Thomas McClary Thomson
in Canada as his second wife. He had two daughters by his first wife, Alice
and Marion. Alice married C. J. Way and Marion married Dr. Thomas L. Reikie
after his  first wife, Margaret Sinclair died. Elizabeth and Thomas McClary
Thomson had one daughter, Catherine "Katie" Sinclair Thomson born December
3, 1850 in Montreal. Katie married Joseph Joseph Winthrop Spencer, a
geologist of some note. After his death she visited cousins in Quitman,
Georgia. The cousins in Quitman had visited the family in Canada many times.
It was on her last visit to Quitman that Katie became ill, died March 31,
1927 and is buried in West End Cemetery there. Alice and her husband were
artists and were living in Switzerland at the beginning of World War I. They
escaped with only the clothes they were wearing. Some of their paintings now
hang in our homes.

Margaret Sinclair "Maggie" was born July 8, 1821 in Thurso. She, with her
sisters Catherine and Elizabeth, went to Canada to teach. She married Dr.
Thomas L. Reikie, his first wife, and died there leaving no children.

There are pictures of Henrietta, Elizabeth, Katie Thompson, J. W. Spencer,

>From Address book of Williamina Sinclair Albritton (one of the Georgia cousins)

Mrs. Frank Yeigh, 588 Huron St., Toronto, Canada.  (no know relation)
Miss Elsie Sinclair 154 Youngblood Toronto 12, Canada
Mr. David Ross 377 Servincton Cresent Toronto 12, Canada
Miss Bessie Sinclair 80 Dawson St Toronto 12, Canada
Cousin Jane Sinclair - Mrs. Miller, Toronto, Canada

Surely there was more that this, but this seems to be all that Aunt Jane
has put in the Sinclair compilation.

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