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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  April 21.
   In 2000: Good Friday,
   In 1836: B. San Jacinto, Shouting ``Remember [2]the Alamo! the Texan
   Army under Sam Houston routs Santa Anna and wins independence for
   In 1801: Alexander Wedderburn, [3]Created 1st Earl of Rosslyn
   In 1699: Other dispatches, Robert Jolly, James Montgomerie and William
   Murdoch leave the Colony.
   In 1509: Henry VII d., King of England dies.
   In 753 B.C.: Rome, Traditional date of the foundation of Rome.
   [4]Tomorrow:  April 22.
   In 1862: Rosslyn Chapel rededicated, [5]By the Bishop of Edinburgh.
   The Bishop of Brechin preached from the text, 'Our Lord, I have loved
   the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour
   dwelleth' (Psalms xxvi, v8).
   In 1509: Henry VIII, King of England .


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