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Re: Carrot Tops

At 10:12 07/04/00 -0400, you wrote:
Dear Niven,

Aha! That might confirm my family's lore about having been descended from
James II. I did not know about the red hair. Well, well, well, I will have to
start demanding royal treatment around here. It could very possibly be a
recessive gene then. Wouldn't that be something?

There is a story that James' queen had a baby brought to her in a bed-warming
pan. From what I've read, it was just a rumor to further destroy the Stuart
claim to the throne. Could it have been true?? Could the child, Bonnie Prince
Charlie, have been the result of an affair with my ancestor, a Sinclair as
the story goes, who eventually went into exile in France with the king?
According to the legend, the name Sinclair was changed to St. Clair there. I
suppose I'll never know, but it makes for interesting tales to tell my
grandchildren, the first of whom is due in August.

HRH Johnnye St. Clair-Gerhardt

Bonnie Prince Charlie's mother was Princess Clementina Sobieska, the
grandaughter of King Jan Sobieski, who united Poland.

The Polish Royal Family are St Clairs:

                                Stanislas IV de Saint-Clair (1835-1887
                                who was the roi titulaire de Pologne
                                (1881 - 1887)

                                Alexandre II de Saint-Clair
                                roi titulaire de Pologne 1887-1966

                                Alexandre had no children so the
                                roi titulaire de Pologne passed
                                through his sister:

                                Antoinette-Alexandra de Saint-Clair
                                who in 1905 married:

                                Jean WOYCICKI of the house of Rawicz-Woycicich-h-Rawicz
                                whose son:

                                Zbigniew became the le roi titulaire and thence to:

                                Hedwige II and thence to:

                                Matthieu-Stanilas who was born in 1773 and
                                who is currently roi titulaire de Pologne

but, as Poland is no longer a Monarchy, the question is largely academic.

The St Clairs became involved when Queen Pelagie II (1798 - 1881) married Alexandre de Saint Clair
of Rosslyn in 1833

Niven Sinclair