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Re: Patrick St. Clair

Thank you, Niven. I wish it were that simple. Here's some additional info on 
him in case anyone has come across St. Clairs in the Civil War. Rev. P. St. 
Clair served as a chaplain for the Union army. No, I don't know where or for 
which commander. Before the war, he had a plantation (Kentucky or Missouri) 
which was burned to the ground by the Union army. Why he joined them is a 
mystery except that he was opposed to slavery all along but kept slaves for 
economic reasons. The diary he kept up to and including the war was sold by 
his son, my grandfather, Wilbur Fisk St. Clair. Yes, the one I've been 
talking about all along. Any ideas?

Johnnye St. Clair-Gerhardt
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