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Re: Pictou/Picton

sorry, I thought the game was being played in N.S. for some reason...Picton Ont I have heard of...and Van Buren, Indiana...

        The people in New Brunswick would beat you bad for saying St John and St John's...in New Brunswick it's Saint John - they like to spell it out to distinguish from St John's, Newfoundland although the population of the former is easily distinguishable from the latter by the fact that the former sober up occasionally...

Neil Sinclair/Peggy Rintoul wrote:

Rob; Ye must still be wandering in the highlands of Cape Breton or the Naval yards on Halifax!  Never heard of Picton? And you a Canadian eh? Its in Ontario Rob! You may look near Wolfe Island near Kingston. Hummmm not that anyone in Ontario knows that, but anyway its Pictou in NS and Picton Ontario. And fine places they are too.Now who remembers St John and St John's? 
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 indeed it must be Pictou...I've never heard of Picton and can't find it on a standard Map...I'll search further...          rob            ns/cb
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