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Archie Sinclair


A couple of months ago, I wrote concerning Archie Sinclair. I have new
information, and hopefuly someone ou there has a reference. From my
mother's birth certificate, I obtained the following information: Full
name, Archie William Sinclair, Place of birth, Michigan, Age at birth of
my mother 11-09-1925, 35 years old. His occupation is listed as "

I also have obtained a copy of the marriage certificate from the Logan
County Ark. courthouse. Archie Sinclair married Etta Vergie Sikes on the
23rd of December, 1924, archie's age at the time aplication for the
license was made (12-20-1924) was 34 years of age.

My mother was born in Muldrow, Sequoyah County Oklahoma 0n 11-09-1925.
In September 1927, Archie left to find his brothers, Clyde and Harry,
and was never heard from by my family again.

Checking the Social Security Death Index, I can find no reference to an
Archie Sinclair born in 1890, which by my calculation is the most likely
year of birth. The closest I can find is an Archie Sinclair of Salem
Oregon, who was born 2 Dec, 1892. While some family history indicates
that my Archie was indeed in Oregon in the 1950's,I am concerned about
the difference in birth year, and beleive this not to be the correct

Anyone with any information at all, please forward it to me, it will be
gratly apreciated.

Dale Morrow
Udall, Ks.

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