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Heartstopping news

Dear Toni,

Well, these are the moments we family historians wait for. How can I
thank you Toni for this breakthrough? And to think I went to bed last
night without reading my email!!

I will dig out my records and get back to you regarding the dates and
which might be which. I am in the midst of moving, so bear with me. I
have Bell on the daughter as a middle name, which I believe was repeated
in a subsequent generation- let me check.

I am interested (of course) in all of it. I also have a lot on Neil the
minister, got a lot from the Baptist church records, including some of
his sermons and a picture- do you have those? Now that I've brought it
up, I must add that they are BURIED and I WILL get them but am not sure
exactly when. The family stories talk about Neil the minister being an
uncle, but I did want to confirm this, as they also talked about Donald
the patriarch becoming ill on the ship and being taken to Neil's upon
arrival in Canada where he died. After years of searching for where he
might be buried (he is not with the rest of the Ontario family in Owen
Sound) I listened to an interview with the grandson of the youngest
brother on that journey of immigration, who'd heard it told by his
grandpa that the father had died at sea and been buried at sea. I'm sure
you have a million similar stories.

I have an additional Sinclair family (3 Sinclair lines in Ontario all
from Islay) which I am interested in whether she originated from your
Neil's family. Let me do some checking. This is too exciting. The move
may have to wait!!

Best regards and forever grateful,

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