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Sinclairs of Islay

Hi Lena

I have recently found the missing link to my family's  history on the
Isle of Islay, and would like to submit it to your database.

However, the Sinclairs of Islay, like most of the others of Argyll, do
not really connect
to the Sinclairs of Caithness, as they were originally McNokairds (see
the report by
Karen Matheson on the Sinclair website).  They really do have a separate
history (which we shouldn't "Tinker" with!)

My question is:  Do you really want to include these Sinclairs in your
In your introductory page, you encourage Sinclairs to deposit their
family histories so
that future generations will be able to trace their families to their
Norse/Norman/ Caithness heritage.  Most of the Argyll Sinclairs will
never be able to do this.  Will it only add to the confusion?  Is there
a way to divide them, for the sake of clarity?

Please understand that I am not trying to stir up a hornets' nest  -
just trying to prevent
problems and misunderstandings down the road, because I there are least a
couple of
hundred Sinclairs which could be added, when I get them all sorted out!

I'll look forward (?) to everyone's comments.  :<)

Toni S.
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