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Re: St. Clair sur Epte

>Dear Mary Rae,
>St Claire-sur-Epte is situated on the Route Nationale 14 from Paris to
>Rouen. It is a small village, distinguished by a plaque to Rollon, 1er. Duke
>of Normandy and the treaty of St Claire-sur-Epte.
>The village church is well worth a visit, and if locked, the key is kept in
>the Marie which is virtually next door. Unfortunately the castle where the
>treaty was signed is long gone and the site of that is on private ground.
>The village is not on the Railway and can only be approached by car. There
>are no hotels there.

Well, perhaps not in St Clair sur Epte itself, but just across the Epte
in Normandy there is a sibling town which has a tiny hotel at the railway
station, called something appropriate like Hotel du Gare.  It's not fancy,
but it's clean and has a small restaurant with a quite edible menu.
There are also several B&Bs in the area.

Sinclair de la Behottiere has provided us interesting narrative and
many pictures about St Clair sur Epte, which you can see in:


In addition, there are remains of an old castle next to the river in
the town itself, and on the Normandy side there is Chateau St. Clair,
which is in better shape, although currently used as a farmhouse.
Sometime I must get around to scanning my pictures of those.

>Good hunting,
>Best wishes

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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