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James Dunnit Sinclair

I thought before I start a letter writing campaign, I'd ask for some
help from this discussion group.
Has anyone ever listed a James Dunnit (sp?) Sinclair (d. 1945/6?) in
their family tree.  Dunnit (sp?) is his mother's maiden name.  He may
have been born in Edinburg, Scotland.  HIs last residence would have
been listed in Philadelphia, PA, but he is buried in Dover, Kent,
England as he was a merchant marine and died at sea.  Apparently, he had
many siblings, one of which was named Ella who lived in Canada.  A
cousin named George Sinclair???, born in England, came to visit my
father after his dad died.   
This was the most my father could remember since he was only 5 years old
when his dad died.  I know this is an incredibly small amount of info,
but you never know.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Elaine Sinclair-Hale
Marietta, Ohio

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