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Re: Clan Dogs

Hi Mark,
 I have a scottish terrier, he is stuborn but very loving. Kind of hard to train though. They were bred in the highlands of Scotland and were ratters. They have a very strong stout body, don't let the size fool you. They love to chase small animals and brough into the ground. I bought him a Sinclair Tartan dog collar and lease from California.

Julie Sinclair Hedrick

Thanks, Julie Hedrick

>>> "anderson whittle" <andwhit@iafrica.com> 04/07 6:40 AM >>>
Dear Clan 

There has been reference to dogs over the last week and I wonder if there
is a typical or specific clan dog-type. Some people say that dogs
are similiar to their owners in looks and temperament. Would it
be true to say that Clan members have curmudgeonly or bloody-minded
breed(s), and if so, what types are best. I have two German Short Hair
Pointers, whose first litter of pups is now  6 weeks old and they are quite
adorable. The parents are hard headed, and active dogs in the field, indeed.

Mark Anderson
Cape Town

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