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RE: [MI-Masons] Happy Tartan Day (fwd)

Dear Friends,
After I forwarded a message from the Sinclair list this was posted.  Thought
I'd pass it on.
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Date: 06-Apr-00 23:07:48
From: fgorthy@netonecom.net <fgorthy@netonecom.net>
Subject: RE: [MI-Masons] Happy Tartan Day

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   My wife and I spent a week in Arbroath in June of 1999 and I was aware of
declaration of Arbroath.  

   Also got a chance to check on the Old Barony of Gorthy, which is close to
Crieff, It's 
about like a county here.  

   We visited the ruins of Inchafrae Abey on the trip as an ancestor of mine
Trinstamm of 
Gorthy had been one of a group that gave money to the chartulary there in
1200.   Not much 
left, but the man who lives next door was very nice to us and showed us the
stone that had 
been in the bapistry where Wallace (Braveheart) was baptised! One vaulted
room and a mile 
long tunnel left.  It was hard to imagine that this Abbey was a ruin before
America was 

Frank J. Gorthy PM
Evart, MI  320


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