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Re: William Sinclair / Sinkler

Dear Lynn, Richard, Joe, et al., Please continue this line of inquiry into
the York County connection.  York  Co. is just the other side of Lancaster
Co.-- they may still have the annual war of the roses baseball game--and it
is not unlikely that our line of the Sinclairs came from that region,  it's
not far away.  
	Also, there are other Delaware Sinclairs;  I was born in Wilmington (my
parents were living in Newark at the time) and went to elementary schools
in Delaware City and New Castle,as well as Kennett Square,PA. The names
William, Samuel, Norman seem to be prevalent in our branch of the Sinclair
family (Lynn and I are second cousins once removed).
	The Story of Kennett, a novel by Bayard Taylor, may provide a clue. 
Squire Samuel Sinclair is said to be one of the few characters in the novel
whose name was not changed, at least partly because he was so widely
admired and respected.
	Who is Hively...I must have missed that part of the discussion.  And what
book is it that has that information you refer to?  I follow this line of
the discussion group very carefully and would like to be included in
		Your cousin from the far west coast, Kay
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