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Re: William Sinclair / Sinkler

At 03:58 PM 4/4/2000 -0400, Joe Greigg wrote:
>In a message dated 00-04-04 07:12:44 EDT, you write:
><< Joe - what years were the York county records?  Lynn >>
>I don't know, all that was noted was "" Colonial Family  ""

Lynn, see www.internet.net/hively/index.html

The introduction says only that the land records cover the period from 1736 
to as late as 1874.  This is only an index to Neal Hively's books and no 
date is given for the Sinclair entries in the Hopewell townships.  I guess 
we will have to buy Neal's book.

The index also lists these interesting names of land tracts in York county: 
"Sinklar's Quarters," "Sinkler's Folly," and "Sinklers Valley."

Thanks, Joe, for the pointer to York county, Pennsylvania.  I wasn't aware 
of this possibility.

Richard Huseth
Austin, Texas

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