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Re: A White Lady

At 10:18 04/04/00 -0400, you wrote:

Niven wrote:

Elsewhere*, we are given a slightly different story which says that she
must be awakened
by the sound of a trumpet which must be heard in one of the lower
apartments before she
makes her appearance to point to the spot where the treasure lies.

* Slezer in his Theatrum Scotia (1693)

Question:   Is Slezer's "Theatrum Scotia" available via the internet or
other means?


Ward Ginn
Great Falls, Virginia

I'm afraid not.  My quote came from an old publication on Midlothian Castles.
However, Theatrum Scotia will certainly be in the Advocates' Library in Edinburgh
but I am trying to obtain my own copy for the Niven Sinclair Library and Study
Centre at Noss Head in Caithness which will become the repository of:

                        all my own library of  books and manuscripts
                        the late Jim Whittall's LIbrary
                        Andrew Sinclair's research material

Ian Sinclair is currently preparing the library at his own (considerable) expense
and with his own (considerable) hard work.  He deserves a medal and the thanks
of us all.

Niven Sinclair

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