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Re: Sinclairs in Delaware USA

Hello to Lynn and Lena and KayDev30@aol.com ---

I hope that this information may help you and those researching the  
Sinclairs in or from Delaware ( USA ) ?

First , I speculate  that there was a  thriving Sinclair presence in what is 
now the State of Delaware , originating from the period 1650-1750 .

With absolute certainty , I can state that there were Sinclairs here in 
Delaware from the 1750's and thereafter !

I have the Church records or tax records from original sources to 
substantiate their presence .

At least two families were "" removed "" in " Good Standing " from Delaware 
Quaker Meetings to what is now the State of Pennsylvania ( USA ) --  one to 
the Goshen Monthly Meeting and one family to the New Garden Monthly Meeting !

Another family was recorded at the Immanuel Episcopal Church in New Castle , 
Delaware , as was a Minister there .

All the preceding occurred in the 1700's .

I also know that one Baltimore , Maryland , Sinclair moved to the area due to 
marriage .

One or possibly two Sinclairs went to New York State ( USA ) in the 1800's . 
They MAY have been from my Sinclair line , but if so they were original 
immigrants to the USA , I believe , since my direct line of descent came from 
England / Wales and they do not descend from it here the USA !

At the present time , my wife and I are the sole researchers of  the William 
B. Sinclair line and all his descendants here in the USA . I should add that 
this line is not documented anywhere else and I do have all the branches .

Jean Grigsby has no records pertaining to his line or any of the descedents ! 

What we have not been able to determine is whether the Sinclairs in the few 
"" Hundreds * "" that they have historically been located  in here , were 
closely related in the Great Britain localities where they appear to have 
originated and came to this area to join other family members or "' cousins 
""  ???

*Delaware is divided into "" Hundreds "" , which is an ancient English term 
of land division encompassing --  " a hundred families " . Also , Northern 
Delaware is only 12 miles across , so it is not large to begin with !!

>From what I can determine , their religions were Quaker , Episcopal and 
Presbyterian and that may provide clues yet to be resolved .

LYNN --- what is the earliest Sinclair you have for your line and at what 
location ??

KayDev30@aol.com  -- I hold research credentials at the Hagley Museum Library
 -- If you provide me with the Census citation you could not read , I will 
look at their original film records for you . 

Regards to all ,

Joe Greigg

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