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Re: Sinclairs in Delaware USA

Hi Lynn --

I was trying in my initial posting not to get too technical or confuse anyone 
more than necessary.

I originally wrote MD/PA/DE Sinclair ancestors but edited the MD/PA part out !

The problem was/is  the Md /De " Boundary Line War " around Newark , De ( USA 
) combined with the "" Wedge  " area north of Newark , De which was variously 
over time either PA_MD_DE  and the uncertain line forming the circular 
boundary of Northern , Delaware both previous to the Thomas Pierson Survey 
and after ,
depending on the location of the " merestones" .

The other fact that I did touch upon was that Delaware was at one time known 
and was in fact the  "Three Lower Counties of Pennsylvania  on the Delaware 
River ".

  Added to that confusion is the Delaware County breakoff from Chester County 
 Pa. !!

So , when all the above is considered , our early Delaware OR Pennsyvania 
ancestors could be in Pennsylvania or maybe Maryland or from/in all three 
states !!

Now that I have thoroughly confused eveyone , I did not mean to mislead 
anyone as to your lines " Roots " , especially since we are " cousins " from 
our Sarah Pierson lines .

Joe Greigg

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