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Re: Sinclairs in Delaware USA

In reply to KayDev30@aol.com who wrote :::

""There is a lone Sinclair in the 1870 census index for Delaware, but the 
record is too pale to read. Does anybody know anything at all of Sinclairs 
living in Delaware USA. Thank you. ""

I don't know which Sinclairs were on the 1870 census for the Delaware area ,
however , there are at least six of us on the discussion list that I know for 
sure are from the various Delaware  ( USA ) lines -- all with Delaware 
connections presently !!!

Who are your seeking specifically ??

At least five of us are from families that have been here for 350-400 years 
and are likely to have most of the pieces for the 3-4 Sinclair lines that 
were here .

I should advise you that most of the Sinclairs ( all spellings ) were in 
Northern Delaware which is only 12 miles across ; also all of Delaware was at 
various times part of Pennsylvania/Maryland ( USA ) -- so things can get 
confusing unless one is well versed in area history .

We look forward to hearing from you .

Joe Greigg
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