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More on The History Channel

For those members of the list who are interested ... 

Tonight, Thursday, March 30, 2000, the following program is also scheduled
on the History Channel on cable TV.

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
"Secret Brotherhood of Freemasons"

"Join us as we divulge the true nature of the secret and mystical
organization known as freemasons."

"We reveal the initiation ceremony, when candidates swear on pain of death
to uphold the order's secrets. In ancient Egypt, we uncover the murderous
legend that inspired their rituals; and study the society's influence on
our democracy. (cc) [TV G]" 

It is thought to have been previously broadcast on the History Channel.  If
so it can purchased on videotape from A&E (Catalog #AAE-40321) with this
segment on it.

I have not seen this program, yet.

But I have seen, purchased, and recommend another program, "The Knights
Templar" which can purchased on videotape from A&E (Catalog #AAE-40265).

Gerald Gibbons
I live in Michigan, USA

On 30-Mar-00, you wrote:

> Where do you live Don?.
> Ken/SK/Canada
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>> As I have been travelling, I was catching up on the list and noticed a
>> discussion on Robert The Bruce was held recently. For those members of
>> the list who are interested, I notice that The History channel is
>> broadcasting the movie "The Bruce", this evening. It airs here in
>> Alberta, Canada at 7:00 p.m. Just thought it might be of interest to some
>> members.
>> Cheers,
>> Don Sinclair 

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