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Re: Green Men

Here's what I've read:

Supposedly, they were Scottish tree spirits who wore cloaks of leaves, 
inhabited trees, and often roamed the forest. If they occupied an oak, they 
stole the mind of any man who slept under the branches. If a man with a saw 
or axe walked by, they would hit him in the head with a well-aimed limb, 
knocking him unconscious. THEN, the roots would drag the body underground 
where nutrients from decomposition could be absorbed.

There were also referrences to "woses" and "leshies." Anybody know exactly 
what these were and what they were supposed to look like? I think the 
"leshies" were Scandinavian tree divinities.

I know, weird subject matter, but it's for a writing exercise.

Johnnye St. Clair-Gerhardt
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