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Re: Little Saint - Niven

Got the info. Thank you soooo much. You have brought the General closer and, 
perhaps, some day I will find the connection. You always go that extra mile. 
If I can ever return the favor in some way, please don't hesitate to ask.

I also appreciate the explanations from the others on THE Bruce. Language can 
be so redundant sometimes, especially in interpretation.

My husband and I were planning a trip to Scotland this year, but our youngest 
is getting ready for college and we are expecting a grandchild from our 
eldest in August. Also, since we had given up on ever having grandchildren, 
we got a dog at the request of the youngest. The pubescent pup is still too 
insecure to leave with someone else (we got her from an animal shelter). So, 
Scotland, maybe next year....

Yours aye,
Johnnye St. Clair-Gerhardt
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