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Re: The Bruce

>March 25, 1306
>Robert the Bruce was crowned Robert I of Scotland.  Robert I and his troops
>continued the struggle led by William Wallace against the
>forces of Edward I of England.  Finally, in 1328, Scotland became
>independent through the Treaty of Edinburgh signed between Robert I and
>Edward III.
>Robert I and his forces engaged in highly successful guerrilla

While we all know better than to assume that Sinclair doesn't have his
dates right, I did get curious why the cited source only said "chosen",
not crowned, and why so many other sources say the Bruce was crowned on
27 March.  I still don't know the answer to either question, but I did
determine that G.W.S. Barrow in his Robert Bruce & the Community of the
Realm of Scotland says that the Bruce was enthroned and crowned on 25 March.

I've added the above to the timeline and to today's dates.

Also, I wondered why it was the Treaty of Edinburgh, rather than the
Peace of Northampton, as I've seen it called elsewhere.  The above
royal.gov.uk web page calls it the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton.
According to Barrow the treaty was negotiated in Edinburgh 17 March 1328
and ratified in Northampton by the Regents of Edward III on 4 May 1328.
There are links in the timeline now to corresponding entries.

>>Alongside it I've added this general commentary:
>>  The Nature of these Web Pages

I've put that material in its own web page,


and I've linked it in in the appropriate places, including New on


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