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The Sinclair Quiz

After reading some of the latest discussion, I think I might be able to 
answer a few questions. Are the maternal genes stronger? are all of us named 
Sinclair actually blood related to those famous Earls of Caithness? Or did 
we, the inherited clan, adopt the surname of the Earl? Are other surnames, 
such as MacKay, Fraser, Campbell, Oliphant, Wier, Sutherland, Dunbar, and 
Maxwell confusing your family research? 

Niven has said, "that which is borne into the bone cannot be driven from the 
blood". We shall put this to a test.

 If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you must be a Sinclair.

1. You have trouble tolerating most people.
2. You unwind with a dram or an ale.
3. Some people think you are a hot-head.
4. You would rather be a wise-guy than be compasionate.
5. Your co-workers and/or spouse know when to stay back.
6. You never forget when someone has crossed you.
7. Someone in Missouri has called you a mindless toad.
8. You don't mind stirring up another controversy.
9. People are afraid you will EAT them on-line.
10. You laugh at yourself.

My wife thinks I have spent all of this time on geneology just trying to find 
someone in the family who is sane..........I'm still looking.

Donald Hempriggs (Indianapolis)
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