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Re: Sinclairs in New Zealand

Hi Ray,
I have some articles and photocopies from books about Captain Francis 
Sinclair in New Zealand. I could probably send you a couple.
Intersting though that in your comments you said:

, I heard the interesting story of
>Niihau and the Scots sea captain who arranged with King Kamehameha I of
>Hawaiian fame to purchase the island.  He was lost at sea but his widow
>(Elizabeth McCutcheon Sinclair) carried out this agreement and the family 
>operate a plantation there, in conjunction with the Gay family,

Because as far as I knew Capt Francis and his family were very settled in 
Pigeon Bay. It was a couple years after his death that Eliza was pursuaded 
to leave by her family. They then went searching for a new place to settle 
and ended up with the Islands. Capt Francis was lost at sea in 1846 off the 
coast of New Zealand. With no previous plans made to move to the islands.

I don't know all the facts but have been facinated by this family for many 
years and so have read a great deal on them. Plus Pigeon Bay is my favourite 
place in New Zealand.

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