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Clan Sinclair Study Centre, Noss Head

Just to say thank you, Major Ron Sinclair for driving the 10 hrs,up to Scotland and giving me nearly 3 weeks of your valuable time, stripping walls, doors and ceilings, and many valuable hours of chat and wee drams.
18 doors, with 160 years worth of paint on them, was no easy task, approx 15 coats per door, but with your help and support the task was made far more pleasant, still a long way to go rubbing them down with wire wool but non the less a step nearer. You gave us the most precious thing a busy man can give,
 his time.
I must also say that you made the best morning brose I have ever tasted.
If we could get a few more like minded people, who were prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in, like you did, it could get the results we require a lot quicker, but I suppose there are not that many Major Ron Sinclair's about.
Once again from our Chief and myself many thanks Ron.
Yours Aye
Ian Sinclair of Noss