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Re: Niven: Genr'l Arthur St Clair

I, too, would appreciate a copy of his lineage. I'd be more than happy to 
compensate you for the postage. I'd contribute towards your time as well, but 
I understand your time is very valuable....probably out of my price range. 
I'm kidding, of course.

Here's my mailing address:

Johnnye Gerhardt
2105 North 120 Ave.
Omaha, NE 68164-3400
United States of America

What a wonderful person you are!!! I'm going to be a grandmother for the 
first time this coming August. Can't wait until the little bugger is old 
enough to ask about his/her heritage so I can tell him/her about the 
WONDERFUL Sinclair side of the family.

Johnnye St. Clair-Gerhardt
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