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Rosslyn Chapel

I am assured that nothing will be done at Rosslyn Chapel which will  upset
the spiritual dimension  or sanctity of the Chapel or breach the guidelines of
Historic Scotland as to its historical integrity.

The work which is being proposed is to safeguard the safety of those 
visitors who
wish to visit the lower Chapel.  At the present time, the steps leading to 
the crypt
are dangerously worn and, unless they are repaired or overlaid with timber 
a serious injury to a visitor would be inevitable with all the 
'accusations' that would
bring in its wake - plus the possibility of a hefty insurance claim.  (We 
face the same
problem at Girnigoe where the slightest slip could mean a plunge into the 
North Sea).

The measures proposed for Rosslyn are purely precautionary.

Niven Sinclair

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