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John Sinclair, Lord Pentland

The last Lord Pentland died in 1984 in New York.  With him, this particular 
branch of the
Dunbeath branch of the family died out.

I am indebted to Judith Fisken for sending me the following information 
which is taken
from a book called "Eating the I" which was written by William Patrick 
Patterson who
visited Rosslyn Chapel with Lord Pentland in 1983 during which he, 
Patterson, had a
premonition of his teacher's death" i.e. that of Lord John Pentland.

In a review of  "Eating the I" one reads:  "......readers will get a taste 
of Gurdjieff's teaching
in action and its influence on onbe man's search.  They will also get an 
extraordinary glimpse
of an extraordinary teacher - Lord John Pentland - the British aristocrat 
who, as President
of the Gurdjieff Foundation brought the Gurdjieff Work to life for so many 
people until his
death in 1984".

Elswhere one finds Patterson "reflecting on the intimate, stark and 
redeeming moments of his
tutlelage under Lord Pentland who was head of the 'Work' in America".

The narrative of the book deals with the collision which occurs between 
teaching i.e. that which
we are taught and the inner self  or spiritual self.

In other words, we have another Sinclair spreading the gospel about the 
essential balance
between Man's physical and spiritual needs.  This is a continuation of the 
message which
Earl William Sinclair left (chiselled out in stone) within Rosslyn Chapel 
in the 15th Century.

It is just as valid as we enter the 21st Century.

Niven Sinclair

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