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Re: The Old Folk

And some piper he is to let me tell ya!!!!!! It is denay for nutin that he stands in the cold on the windswept hillside over looking Lake Ontario playing his pipes! He is bonnie good I'll vouch! Now his landlords and neighbours are just plain ignorant of true talent but they are dena Scottish like we are. Oriental music is well different, and in Toronto the greeks and portuguese play to the sound of a different drummer. But I'll vouch someday Rory will be in Cape Breton standing in Neils Harbour playing into the mist while the entire populance of the island looks on and says with a collective sigh, "Now there goes Rory Sinclair a true piper!"
signed his fan Neil
Hi Rob:
Got so busy with Gatherings and the Chief that I didna get to you to tell you that Roy of New Zealand and Rory of Toronto are two different folk.  The piper is the latter  ..  me.
Aye,               Rory