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"Catti" and the origins of Caithness

See http://keithclan.com/catti.htm

I came across this webpage today, prompted by a letter from Niven Sinclair. 
Since it relates to the origins of Caithness, I think it will be of interest 
to all Sinclairs, and para-genetic Sinclairs alike.  

The story of the Keiths has some similarity to that of the supposed origins 
of the Lairds set out in in a US immigrant's  letter in the late 19th Century 
- which I posted on our website for ready reference at http://ourworld.cs.com/
INSLaird/1888_Letter.htm  When we were all in Caithness in April last year 
for the "Norwegian" visit at the Dunbeath Heritage centre, we learned that in 
local terms you are (in Gaelic) either a "Cattach" or a "Gollach".  Those 
from the north of the county are "Gollach" = "stranger" and is the term 
applied to those of Norse origin, which is our family story.  The "Cattach" 
are the "Catti" from the south, driven out by the Norse settlers (our 

The "Ness" part of Caithness is from the Norse "Nes" meaning point of land, 
which describes the shape of Caithness.

Another piece of the jigsaw.

Yours aye


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