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Re: Patrick Sinclair of Fort Michillimackinac

Dear Niven,

You haven't heard of James and Margaret Sinclair about 1800 ish in that line 
have you.
I am struggling to connect them and their son William Sinclair born about 
1822, wick , scotland, to any line at all.
Just an over hopeful querry, i would love to connect them up somewhere and 
my nana used to mention the castle of Mey a great deal.
Jenny :)

>The Ulbster family are descended from WiIliam Sinclair, the first laird of
>Mey (where the
>Queen Mother now lives) who was the second son of George II, the 42nd Earl
>of Caithness.
>His elder brother John was said to have been imprisoned by his father in
>Girnigoe castle
>and was said to have been crushed to death by a visit of the Master in
>1572.  I have never
>believed this story which was spread by the Gordons.
>The Ulbsters have always been known as the "able Ulbsters" because they
>have displayed
>much academic success - a trait which is usually absent
>from  Sinclairs.  The unifying
>characteristic is bad temper (as you have already noted and as these
>columns have
>occasionally witnessed).
>At one time the Ulbsters were the largest Sinclair landowners in Caithness
>(when 80% of
>Caithness was owned by 17 Sinclair families) but death duties have eroded
>their wealth
>until it is now doubtful if Sinclairs own even 1% of
>Caithness   Similarily, we are no longer
>the most common surname.  That claim, according to the last census, goes to
>the McKays.
>Niven Sinclair

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