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Our Norse Ancestors

For those interested in reading a little more about the philosophy of our 
Norse forbears I have added a "Viking" page to our website.  I have 
transcribed there the "Viking Laws" - something I first came across in the 
offices of my Norwegian work colleagues, as these ideas hold as true today as 
1,000 + years ago.  I believe they are drawn from the Birka Code, Birka being 
one of the largest Viking trading towns, in Sweden.  I am sure Lena can tell 
us more about Birka.

More of these ideas can be found in the "Vikings Guide to Good Business", 
published in Iceland by Gudrun in 1997, which contains excerpts from the 
"King's Mirror", written about 1240 proably with roots in the Birka Code.

I have gone on to provide links to some pretty comprehensive Viking sites on 
the net.

To find the page, go to "Connections with Norway" and on the Norway page 
click on the Rune or on "Norse origin".

I hope this will assist with moderating the image many still have of our 

Yours aye


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