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Re: Where did THAT come from?

WELL -- congratulations to all for finding a topic (s) that has exceeded even 
capability of the bagpipes to stimulate a spirited discussion !! :) :)

Applause to Niven for revealing a most sensitive , caring and environmentally 
sound view of the "Bigger picture " ; perhaps  reflective of the view of the 
Green Man /Druid theme and other motifs from Roslin Chapel ?

As for Ronald Regan , I quote the noted author  Tom Clancy 's book dedication
 "" To Ronald Wilson Reagan , the man who won the War " "-- that about says 
it all ,
I think.

Incidentally , in a recently released poll of historians , Reagan was ranked 
number 11
of all Presidents (USA only) while the present clown who occupies that office 
was ranked dead last (of 50 ??).

As for Scottish independence , as is the case with genetic pools , an 
independent Scotland , Wales , Ireland ,etc.  will PERHAPS allow the 
rediscovery of the unique cultural heritages that can still be saved  ( 
p.s.Quebec too -- bet this comment prompts a heated response ?? --  please 
remain calm, at least momentarily ) .

A question for the list members -- don't I remember something along the lines 
that those Loyalists who vacated to Canada after the American Revolution were 
awarded an order of Nobility ??, that is the only such recognition ever 
awarded for Canada ?

My best ( and peaceful !! :) ) regards to all ,
Joe Greigg

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