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RE: A Dance called America

Funnily enough Laurel, many of those that were "left behind" had such deep connections with the land that they actually believed it was the excess population that was shoved off and pushed out:  Just as any abundance in natural resources is exported.  And I'm not sure it was always the best of the crop that was bundled up and sent to market.
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    I was just talking to Don about the phenomena of the Scott's mark on history this morning.   I believe that this can be seen among the Jews that escaped from Germany and all the other places before that.  I read that the descendants of these Jews became a remarkable race through the selection process.   Those that were smartest and had that spirit of preservation got out of Germany right away thus preserving very intelligent people.
    Could the same be said for the Scotts?  Those that were smarter and strongest were the ones that survived the British, etc.  by snatching up whatever opportunity came to leave and make their mark in life.  This would have drained much from the genetic pool of Scotland perhaps.
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