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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  February 22. In 1371: [2]David II d.. King of
   Scots dies.
   In 1377: [3]Parliament votes in Poll Tax. 
   In 1437: [4]James II of the Fiery Face. King of Scots.
   [5]Tomorrow:  February 23. In 1303: Battle of Roslin. [6]Scots
   including Wallace, Comyn, and Sinclair repulse English at Sinclair
   home barony.
   In 1847: B. Buena Vista. [7]Gen. Zachary Taylor and 4,700 men defeat
   Santa Anna and 20,000 Mexicans. One possible origin of the Spanish
   word [8]gringo.


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