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Re: Sinclair Dates

>   [1]Sinclair Dates:  February 16. In 1461: [2]Battle of St Albans 2. 
>   In 1804: Marine raid at Tripoli. [3]Lt. Decatur and men including 8
>   Marines recapture and burn the ship Philadelphia at Tripoli;
>   commemorated in the [4]Marines' Hymn: [5]``...to the shores of
>   Tripoli''.

In case anybody is wondering what the Marines' Hymn has to do with
Sinclairs, it's an offshoot of the gringo discussion, in which
the Halls of Montezuma were mentioned.

If anyone thinks any particular calendar event is inappropriate 
for Sinclairs, please let me know.  I'm tuning the calendar software
to permit selecting time streams for presentation through this
particular interface.

Also, please note that the above date is for Feb 16 because there
was none for today, Feb 15.  Everyone please feel free to send in
dates to add to the calendar.  If you send in an entry before the actual
day, it will get mailed out in a Sinclair Dates posting.

All the entries already in the calendar are visible in

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