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I have just finished reading the non -fiction book -- NOAH'S FLOOD , by 
William Ryan & Walter Pitman .

I would recommend this book to all of the list members .

It contains facinating insights into the origin of the Flood Myth , evolution 
of the early languages , the lack of certain petroleum deposits in Egypt , 
the flooding of the Mediteranean and Black Seas , human migration patterns 
and so very much more.

While it will not put " names " into our individual family trees , it is a 
treasure trove for those early periods B.C.where we will never have more than 
a general ancestral 
history .

If you would explain the uniqueness of the Basque language , the origin of 
the Egyptian peoples , or the" Golden Age " of the settlement of Paris , this 
provides the details .

Joe Greigg

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