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Early Sinclairs

I wonder if anyone one the list has knowledge
of the book "The Genealogy of Prince Henry Sinclair",
as I am interested in the veracity\accuracy of  this,
I have been researching my ancestors for my forthcoming book
for private publication and my ggrandmother ( Isabella Sinclair 's )
first traceable ancestor was William Sinclair of Dunnet.
In speaking with Lauren of Higgins Books, who has offered me "The Genealogy of
Prine Henry Sinclair", she referred me to a William Sinclair
b 1771 in Calder, who died 1842 in Wick, and who married Barbara Harrow b 16-9-1773 in Dunnet.
Their son James was born in 1798. These Sinclairs are included in
the above Prince Henry's Genealogy.
I do know that Calder lies in the parish of Holkirk.
I have spoken to a professional Genealogist in Cape Town,
and is helping me  a lot on my project. She
has checked the CLS and this is her report, on my ancestors;
William Sinclair born circa 1775
married 22\6\1805 in Holkirk ( near Dunnet )
Margaret Harrow( bap 3\8\1776) ( only child of David Harrow and Christen Cormack )
and their Son
James Sinclair (bap 15\3\1806 Dunnet )- my ancestor-
was one of five (surviving children, who were Katherine, Janet,Christian, Robert and James )
William Sinclair and his wife seemed to spend time in both Holkirk and Dunnet
which apparently are close together.
This now presents me with a  conundrum. I note that William Sinclair is a name that
is clearly popular amongst all the Sinclair Clan and all branches.
Thus my query is : What is the likliehood that the dates in Prince Henry's Genealogy
are incorrect, and possibly the name Barbara\Margaret have been switched, and therefore
the William and James Sinclairs in Prince Henry's Genealogy and my William and James
are the same people?
Looking forward to hearing your views.
M Anderson Cape Town