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The Sinclair Badge: Whin

To answer Laurel's question, Whin is Scots for Gorse or Furze (Ulex 
Europaeus).  It is a spiky shrub which has a yellow flower.  There is a 
similar plant called the Broom which does not have spikes and may be an 
alternative.  My first serious encounter with Scots whins came early in my 
infantry training on Castle Law Ranges in the Pentland Hills not far from 
Rosslyn.  During skirmishing I had to take cover.  I had the choice of a low 
Whin bushes or bare ground covered in sheep manure.  I chose the Whin, but 
thereafter favoured the Sheep manure.  I can therefore confirm its hardiness, 
a suitable symbol for the Clan!  Those visiting Scotland for Sinclair 2000 
will see a great deal of Whin both in Caithness and on the way.

I have put a picture of a whi sprig, such as one would place in one's 
headress on my "Connections with Clan Sinclair" page in my website.

The Rowan (Sorbus Aucuparia) is otherwise known as Mountain Ash. There is a 
sing called "Rowan Tree" playing in the backround of my Mother's family page 
on my website, as a Rowan Tree stood in he Grandmother's garden.  The URL is 

For a full description of the Rowan see http://www.botany.com/sorbus.html and 
for a picture see 

Yours aye


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