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RE: Andrew COTTINGHAM please contact me.(From Lisa Miller)

Lisa Miller,     I am sorry that I took so long in responding to you inquiry
about your great grandmother who was a Cottingham.  My Cottingham line
originally came from George of course but settled in the South
Carolina-North Carolina area soon starting with Charles.  I hope this makes
sense to you--if not I will be glad to give details.  I am sure there are
closely related lines in many states now but I suspect that Cottinghams from
Illinois or  most other northern states are from a different line that left
Maryland-Del area somewhere between George and Charles.  I did not recognize
any of the names on your list.  Have you checked with Bob Schultz?  Check
out his Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/~cottinghams  He seems to have
the most information of anyone I have run across, especially about more
northern Cottinghams.  If you like take a look at my Web Page:
Once into my site click on Main on the left side, and then view Family Tree.
After looking at my Family Tree if you have questions, let me know.    Andy

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Andrew Cottingham,
Please contact me.
My great grandmother is a Cottingham.

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