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Re: George Washington St Clair.

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This is my first posting.
my father - willard j. st. clair
grandfather - ernest st. clair
greatgrandfather - andrew jackson st. clair
greatgreatgrandfather - george washington st. clair
greatgreatgreatgrandfather - daniel st. clair

There was a George |Washington St Clair who was born in Warren, Me 22nd April, 1806.
   He married Eliza Edgar.  They had three children: Edith, Charles and Emmanuel

  There was also a George Washington St Clair who was born in Sinclairville, 4th July, 1811
  He was an athlete, marksman and hunter.
  He married (1) Diana Ferguson (2) Charlotte Sylvester
  Children: Diana (died young), George and Mary Ann

  And yet another George Washington St Clair born in Essex, Vermont 1st Sept. 1829.
  He married three times!!

And yet another George Washington St Clair who was born in Vasselborough,Me.
   14th November, 1796 but, as his father was a Joshua St Clair who was born in
   New Hampshire 16th April, 1760, he cannot be the man you are looking for.

  He had numerous children including the George W, above and Abigail, Mary, Jane
  Elizabeth, Daniel Lovejoy, and Dorcas Burnham

If you think any of the above helps you to establish a link with your own family, let
  me have your address when I will be pleased to copy the relevant pages from "The
  St Clairs of the Isles" from which book I have exrracted the above information.

Niven Sinclair


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