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Sinclair-Laird and Hempriggs House.

Margrett, Ian and anyone intrested,
My great great great grandfather, William Sinclair was b. 1793 at Hempriggs 
House, just south of Wick. When I visited the Wick Heritage Centre last June 
I met a Mrs. MacDonald. She is the widow of Sinclair MacDonald. She went on 
to tell me Sinclair's mother was a Laird and were both also born at Hempriggs 
A few months ago I received a booklet called "A breif history of the Old Wick 
Parrish Church" from my fried Ian Stewart of Bilbster House. Bilbster house 
was once owned by an Alexander Sinclair who came from Hempriggs House. The 
booklet states; It seems that James Graham, the Marquis of Montrose, and the 
King's lieutenant General of the north arrived in Wick in 1646 and was 
entertained at Hempriggs House,.and at one time was concealed in a cave near 
Wick called the "Kettle". It seems to me, anyone at odds with the Campbells 
would be more than welcome in a Sinclair estate. Hempriggs was origionally 
built by the Dunbar family and passed in marriages to the Sinclair and Laird 
families. It is now a Pensioner's Home.
Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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