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To anyone interested but especially Laurel,

I have been reading a book called New Zealand Shipwrecks 1795 - 1975. By 
C.W.N Ingram

You might recall that Captain Francis Sinclair built one of the first boats 
in New Zealand's history well the following I thought was quite interesting.

" Richmond, schooner: When entering Kawhia Harbour on the morning of June 
30, 1845, the schooner was totally wrecked, and her complement  of six, 
including two passangers,drowned.  Under charter to load a cargo for 
Wellington, the Richmond left Taranaki with the cutter Ann and Sarah on June 
26 for Kawhia. On the evening of the 29th, both vessels were in company off 
Albatross Point, and at 9 a.m. the following day , the wind blowing strong 
from the north-west, the cutter entered Kawhia harbour safely. At 11a.m. the 
Richmond, in crossing the bar, was struck by heavy sea which threw her on 
her beam ends, and she then turned keel upper-most. Shortly afterwards the 
schooner went to pieces. It was believed she must have grounded on the north 
spit and then capsized. Only one body was recovered, that of a seaman, which 
was washed ashore, lashed to the main boom.

The Richmond, registered No. 3 of 1843, Port of Wellington, was a schooner 
of 22 tons register, built at the Hutt River in 1842 by Captain Francis 
Sinclair, and her dimensions were: length 41.5 ft., beam 12.5ft., depth 
6.3ft. She was launched on August 11, Having been built on the site of the 
proposed village of Richmond. The schooner was owned by William Mc Clatchie, 
of Chatham Islands, whaler , and under the command of Captain Brown. "

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