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Re: Did Gringoes First Grow in Scotland?

I heard the gringo story as being about the U.S.-Mexican war of 1845.
Whether the song is really the origin of the term gringo has never been
established; neither proven nor disproven.

Here's the song, from

Green Grow the Rushes Oh

by Robert Burns

     There's no but care on every hand
     In every hour that passes oh
     That signifies the life of man
     and twere not for the lassies oh

     Green grow the rushes oh
     Green grow the rushes oh
     The sweetest hours that e're I spent
     Were spent among the lassies oh

     The wordly race may riches chase
     And riches still may fly them oh
     And when at last they catch them fast
     Their hearts can ne'er enjoy them oh


     Give me a quiet hour at e'en
     My arms around my dearie oh
     And warly cares and warly men
     May a gae topsy-turvy oh


     For you so grave you sneer at this
     You're no but senseless asses oh
     The wisest man the world e'er saw
     Dearly loved the lassies oh


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